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Richie Mitnick and The Sounds of Music Singers.
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Richie Mitnick and The Sounds of Music Singers.

Richie Mitnick Music works closely with some of the area's finest entertainers. We offer music for every occasion and entertain at venues throughout New England.

Jessie Rivers
Jessie is revered by all who hear her perform. She sang with many great Big Bands and sings as wonderfully today. If you enjoy great standards and a touch of Latin music you will totally enjoy this beautiful lady.
Jessie sings with style and grace that will remind you of the great ladies if song, Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney, June Christie, Julie London and so many more. We like to say that today, "there is only one Jessie Rivers."

Dave Colucci

Richie accompanies Dave on many great venues such as 'theme' shows at The Aqua Turf in Plantsvills, CT. as well as many performances in summer concert series and many other events. Dave is a high energy performer that gets his audiences involved in the show and they truly love it.
Dave also is a great DJ and works app any weddings, anniversaries and other venues.

Ethel Lee

One of the most sought after performers around, Ethel enthralls audiences with her great interpretations of standards and jazz tunes with her special style. Her warmth and charm create hundreds of new 'fans' constantly. When Ethel is not performing with Richie she features many great musicians including those that constitute the Ethel Lee Ensemble. They are all great Jazz musicians. They can be seen from Mother's Day until after Labor Day on the outdoor patio of Uno's Chicago Grill on Columbus Ave.. In Springfield Mass. You will want to be sure and catch an evening of Ethel.

Peter Annone

Ah, the great romantic singer in the style of Dean Martin, Jerry Vale, Al Martino and many other greats, Peter takes his audience
on a magical musical journey into music the way it used to be, and the way many of us wish it were again.
For many years Peter was the lead singer and creator of Peter and the Winemakers.
Today, Peter performs extensively with Richie and company for countless venues everywhere. Check the calendar for future events.

Brad Shepard

Famous 'morning man' of radio, Brad is Mr. Broadway. In addition to his radio duties and many engagements with Richie, Brad performs a great deal in local theater productions. He has had lead roles in shows as varied as Fiddler On The Roof, Picnic and 1776, as well as many more. Brad loves the great standards and interprets them 'his way.'

Judy Brinn

This talented vocalist can deliver Patsy Cline to Janice Joplin to standards with aplomb. She can often be seen with Richie and Dave Colucci. She adds great harmony and melody to every venue.