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Kathy Mitnick

Kathy Mitnick
Kathy & Richie Mitnick=The Dynamic Duo
Kathy Mitnick was born in Manchester, Ct, and later lived in Springfield and East Longmeadow, Ma.
At eight years of age, her father took her to a music store to look at pianos. While there, "little Kathy" saw an organ and asked what that was. The salesperson told her it was an organ She told her father that since it had two keyboards and all of those "sticks" on the floor, it must be better. Needless to say, they went home having purchased the organ. "My parents searched for a teacher and my first one was just awful. I hated my lessons. My father was in the automobile business and this genntleman came in to buy a car. My father told him he would give him the deal of a lifetime, providing he gave me lessons. Sy Quinto was a music professor at Hart School of Music as wel as a performer. At first reluctant to take on this young student, he needed the car and the deal was consumated."

This man changed Kathy's life as he gave her the gift of music in an enjoyable way that made learning the great standards fun and a challenge.

Richie met Kathy shortly after he moved to Mass.
Realizing what a talented lady Kathy is, he would often offer her "gigs" that came his way. By this time, Kathy had also been performing at restaurants such as The Iron Kettle in Monson. Kathy also had worked selling organs for many years.

Richie & Kathy married in 1990 and this team has been a formidable force in the music world of Western New England. Kathy is also a devoted music instructor as well as a tremendous musician.