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Concerts, Ballroom Dances & Events.

Concerts, Ballroom Dances & Events.
Richie & Kathy Mitnick
Richie Mitnick Music provides many services-Ballroom Dances--Swing, Latin, Waltz, Polka, Fox Trot, Rock, etc...yes--Line Dances, also! Richie performs using amazing Digital Keyboards that recreate the entire orchestra. The original recordings are also interspersed via modern technology allowing a 'touch' of DJ service.

Richie & Kathy Mitnick present 'The Sounds of Music Singers.' Join the Mitnicks at their many concerts for some great music and fun.

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As you can imagine, everything on my schedule since mid-March has been canceled or postponed.
So, even though you see regular listings, ignore them until I
Post an update in this spot!!

I truly miss all of you at my various venues.
I have been posting lots of music that I’ve been recording from home, as well as clips from our old shows, thanks to John Balboni.
I am putting some “danceable “ songs out for my dance friends.
You can find my posts on Facebook, just type Richard Mitnick in the search bar.

You can also go to my You Tube Channel-Richard Mitnick. There, all the music resides in one place. Please hit “like” and “subscribe.”
I look forward to the day we can all be together again-Richie