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Concerts, Ballroom Dances & Events.

Concerts, Ballroom Dances & Events.
Richie & Kathy Mitnick
Richie Mitnick Music provides many services-Ballroom Dances--Swing, Latin, Waltz, Polka, Fox Trot, Rock, etc...yes--Line Dances, also! Richie performs using amazing Digital Keyboards that recreate the entire orchestra. The original recordings are also interspersed via modern technology allowing a 'touch' of DJ service.

Richie & Kathy Mitnick present 'The Sounds of Music Singers.' Join the Mitnicks at their many concerts for some great music and fun.

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The price for the CHICOPEE ELKS DANCES will increase from $7.00 to $10.00/ person.
Unfortunately, due to lower turnout the price had to increase to, hopefully, meet the Lodge’s expenses. When John Reed made the announcement on Jan. 25th, it looked like the dances would end completely. It was the dancers that proposed the price increase and by a show of hands of everyone present, they supported the price increase.
So, now it’s in your hands. If you want these dances to continue, we’re going to need everyone’s support. Please come to the dances and encourage your friends as well. Thank you!