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Peter Annone
Jessie Rivers
Dave Colucci
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Download: track01.cda
Peter Annone
Peter's warm voice and tremendous peronality always ensure a crowd pleasing event. His CD recorded with Richie has proved to be tremendously popular. Peter is a crowd pleaser wherever he and Richie perform/ His renditions of the Italian standards always bring a smile at every venue. Contact us at for bookings and more info/

Download: 01_this_moment_in_time.mp3
Download: 19_soeak_softly_love.mp3
Download: 24_return_to_me.mp3
Download: mama.mp3

Jessie Rivers
Jessie Rivers
The great Jessie Rivers with radio personality Brad Shepard looking on.
Jessie Rivers is one of New England's most respected vocalists. A career that began in the Golden Age of the Big Bands, has continued to this day, with a voice that has only reached new glory with the years. Listen to Jessie and she will surely become a favorite of yours/ Contact for booling info.

Here are some samples of the fabulous voice of Jessie Rivers

Download: birth_of_the_blues.mp3
Download: come_back_to_me.mp3
Download: satin_doll.mp3

Dave Colucci
Dave Colucci
The Fabulous Dave Colucci with Richie Mitnick
Enjoy a sample of this versatile, energetic performer/
Look for performances by Dave and Richie on Summer Cruises aboard the Lady "B" Concerts at Stanley Park in Westfield Ma. and The Landmark at Monastery Heights in West Springfield, Ma.

Download: unchained_melody.mp3